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RSU 16 Board Goals (2021-2022)

Communication and Engagement

Goal: Improve communication and engagement with key constituents: Students, Staff, Administration, and Community (E.4 and E.5 –Engage Effectively with Staff and Students and Engage Effectively with Towns)


  • Welcome the public to RSU 16 School Board meetings through distribution of the public comment brochure, offering attendees the opportunity to sign-up to speak, and sharing a verbal welcome statement at each board meeting that includes the guidelines for public comment and the process for enforcing the Public Participation Policy. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board/Educational Policy Committee)
  • Submit articles to the Country Connection that highlight RSU 16 happenings and provide updates on board work and priorities. (Responsibility: Designated board member in collaboration with RSU 16 administration)
  • React proactively to community feedback by sharing issues and questions with the Superintendent and/or Board Chair for inclusion on committee and/or board agendas.  (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board)
  • Foster relationships with municipal leadership by developing an awareness of municipal meeting dates, attending municipal meetings, and whenever possible working collaboratively with municipal leaders on common issues and initiatives. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board and Superintendent)
  • Use available structures (oral and written administrative reports, recognition at board meetings, newspaper articles, and public statements) to recognize staff and administration. (Responsibility: RSU 16 Board and Superintendent)
  • Support website development through budgetary support, the reporting of website issues, and acceptance of responsibility for management and updating of the School Board section of the RSU 16 website, (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board and a designated member of the Board)
  • Utilize the website to illustrate the process for addressing a concern or a question by highlighting communication policies such as the Public Concern Policy and developing a flow chart that would direct the public to the person most likely to be able to address their question or concern. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board/ Educational Policy Committee, Superintendent, and Asst. Superintendent)
  • Engage the public and municipal leaders in the school budget process through informational articles, mailings, and attendance at meetings. (RSU 16 School Board/Personnel and Finance Committee and Superintendent)
  • Work with RSU 16 School Board student representatives on the development and implementation of student feedback practices. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board and Student Representatives)

Effective Board Structure and Function

Goal: To improve RSU 16 School Board performance by developing common understandings of Board culture and the work of the Board. (E.2 and E.3 – Effective Board Expectations and Culture and Effective Board Structure and Function)


  • Engage in discussions with the RSU 16 Education Association beginning in June 2022 regarding the negotiation of the next teacher and support staff contract. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board Negotiation Team and Superintendent)
  • Initiate and implement Board professional development through an annual Board Orientation Workshop, Board participation in MSBA conference, and a local workshop on parliamentary procedure. (Responsibility: Educational Policy Committee/RSU 16 School Board)
  • Board Chair and/or Vice Chair meet with new board members and if they desire, designate a veteran board member as a mentor. (Responsibility: Board Chair, Vice Chair, and veteran members)
  • Act as an advocate on behalf of RSU 16 students and schools at the local level and state level by being well informed about current issues, utilizing the information and support available through MSMA, building relationships with legislators and the media, and holding an annual meeting with legislators. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board with support from Superintendent.)
  • Conduct a RSU 16 Board Survey by June 15, 2021 that identifies Board accomplishments and challenges. (Responsibility: Educational Policy Committee and RSU 16 School Board members)
  • Conduct a Board Workshop to assess 2021-2022 goals and create goals for 2022-2023 for approval at the November 2022 Board meeting. (Responsibility: Educational Policy Committee and RSU 16 School Board)

Strategic Plan

Goal: The RSU 16 Board will identify actions and next steps for the current year and future years to ensure that the Strategic Plan continues to be a strategic document that is forward thinking and addresses the RSU 16 mission and vision. (E.1 – Monitor and Adjust Strategic Plan)


  • Continue to monitor the effectiveness of programming, as measured by a staff and community survey. Compare the ratings regarding the value of an RSU 16 education with previous surveys. (Responsibility: RSU 16 Educational Policy Committee)
  • Continue to monitor RSU 16’s pandemic response with emphasis on supports and resources to address student learning loss, implementation of ESSA Grants, and monitoring and updating The Return to School Plan. (Responsibility: RSU 16 Superintendent and RSU 16 School Board)
  • Approve a process for updating the Strategic Plan by February 2022. (Educational Policy Committee/RSU 16 Board and Superintendent)
  • Share the Strategic Plan summary document on the RSU 16 website, at each school in print and poster format, and at sites within the communities. (Responsibility: Educational Policy Committee/ RSU 16 School Board and Superintendent)
  • Address board identified priority areas: Keeping our schools fully open, school safety, transportation, elementary facility upgrades, school nursing, and social emotional student supports through committee discussions, Board action, and budget advocacy. (Superintendent and RSU 16 School Board.)
  • Assure equitable treatment, opportunities and support for all members of the RSU 16 educational community through district policies and practices. (RSU 16 Board and administration)


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