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RSU 16 Board Goals (2018-2019)

Communication and Engagement

Goal: Improve communication and engagement with key constituents: Students, Staff, Administration, and Community (E.4 and E.5 –Engage Effectively with Staff and Students and Engage Effectively with Towns)


•    Work with the RSU 16 Superintendent to establish a communication plan with the Lewiston Sun Journal and the Country Connection that results in regular and accurate reporting of RSU 16 activities, initiatives, and meetings. (Responsibility: RSU 16 Board Chair with support from a designated Board member)
•    Work with the RSU 16 Superintendent to encourage and support the development of a communication plan for each school. (Responsibility: Board Chair)
•    Continue to implement the recommendations from the Communication Advisory Committee through regular newsletters, website, and social media with emphasis on reaching citizens who do not have children in RSU 16 schools. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board)
•    Provide regular community updates on the middle school building project. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board)
•    Continue to expand membership and to build a foundation of support through regular meetings of Friends of RSU 16. (RSU 16 Board Chair and Superintendent)
•    Support website development through budgetary and procedural actions that simplify policy searches, permit timely updates, allow site use monitoring, showcase student achievements through text and pictures, and encourage community feedback.  (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board with support from Superintendent)
•    Continue to work with RSU 16 School Board student representatives on the development and implementation of student feedback practices. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board and Student Representatives)

Effective Board Structure and Function

Goal: To improve RSU 16 School Board performance by developing common understandings of Board culture and the work of the Board. (E.2 and E.3 – Effective Board Expectations and Culture and Effective Board Structure and Function)


•    Review the role of the Board and Board norms at the annual Board Orientation Workshop and as necessary to ensure effective Board function. (Responsibility: Educational Policy Committee/RSU 16 School Board)
•    Designate a veteran board member as a mentor for each new board member. (Responsibility: Board Chair and veteran members)
•    Raise the awareness of board norms through periodic reminders at board meetings and workshops. (Responsibility: RSU 16 Board)
•    Act as an advocate on behalf of RSU 16 students and schools at the local level and state level by being well informed about current issues, utilizing the information and support available through MSMA, and building relationships with legislators and the media. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board with support from Superintendent.)
•    Include newsletter, Board and Administration, in the monthly board packet and engage in a short review/discussion of content during the Board Chair report. (Responsibility: Board Chair and RSU 16 School Board)
•    Utilize the Maine School Board Association Handbook as a resource and guide in Board discussions and workshops. (Responsibility: Board Chair and RSU 16 School Board)
•    Conduct a RSU 16 Board Survey by September 15, 2019 that identifies Board accomplishments and challenges. (Responsibility: Board Chair and RSU 16 School Board members)
•    Complete an assessment of RSU 16 School Board goals by September 30, 2019 and present the goal assessment at the Board meeting in October 2019.(Responsibility: Board Chair and RSU 16 School Board)
•    Continue to develop and clarify the role of the student representative on the Board. (Responsibility: Educational Policy Committee/Student Representative)

Strategic Plan

Goal: By November 2019 the RSU 16 Board will identify actions and next steps for the upcoming year (s) to ensure that the Strategic Plan continues to be a strategic document that is forward thinking and addresses the RSU 16 mission and vision. (E.1 – Monitor and Adjust Strategic Plan)


•    Continue to monitor the effectiveness of programming as measured by a staff and community survey. Compare the ratings regarding the value of an RSU 16 education with previous surveys. (Responsibility: RSU 16 Educational Policy Committee –January 2019)
•    Finalize and share the updated Strategic Plan on the RSU 16 website, at each school in print and poster format, and at sites within the communities. (Responsibility: Educational Policy Committee/RSU 16 School Board/Superintendent)
•    Support 2018-2019 school and district goals in the focus areas of student achievement, assessment, competitive salary schedules, school safety, and facility improvement through budgetary support, advocacy, and Strategic Plan updates. (Responsibility: RSU 16 School Board)
•    Monitor progress of the Strategic Plan through review by the Educational Policy Committee in January and March. (Responsibility: Educational Policy Committee)


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